Fine hair don’t care – reverse washing technique

Two years ago I cut my hair into a bob, it started shoulder length and then got shorter and shorter.

Until it was mega short…


This also coincidentally was around the same time as we got engaged and so was also about the time I decided it was (already) time to grow my hair again to make sure I had options when the wedding came around.

And so 2 years later my hair has grown quite a bit – particularly given that as my hair is short it tends to grow quite slowly. I did it the right way though, wanted to keep it looking healthy and keep the thickness I seemed to have gained from chopping it off.

I started a good conditioning programme and used products designed for strengthening hair and helping it to grow. The biggest step though was giving up my straighteners. I use them every now and again – I’m still human – but I’ve got used to a more natural look for everyday and prefer the look of a full blow dry when I’m going out than poker straight. Now when I use them my hair feels so frazzled I automatically regret it. I’ve also stopped bleaching my hair and only tend to get the roots done when I get it coloured to protect the processed ends.

Recently I spoke to a friend who had also started growing her hair at about the same time and now has beautiful long thick locks. She advised that she had been using the reverse washing technique. Basically you condition before washing.

I read up on this and the reviews seemed good. The first time is really strange – you apply conditioner and leave for a few minutes before rinsing THEN you shampoo. Read more hereand here.

Your hair feels so soft after conditioning that you don’t want to shampoo it, but persevere. You will find after a while that you’re using less shampoo because after the first rinse your hair is already partially clean.

I can honestly say this has benefitted my hair. It’s inly been 2 weeks but I find when I do this and then style my hair it holds the style better, and stays smoother, and it doesn’t look like it needs washing as often so you get more mileage from your do.

I’m continuing with this from now on, I’m convinced this works well for my fine hair and prevents it looking lank. My friend who introduced me has thick, naturally curly hair, and she finds it needs less work to keep looking good so this seems to work for all hair types.

Has anyone else tried reverse washing? Do you agree that this method works?


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